Summer has good and well started where I am. Among other treats this means that with luck through the open window I am privy to the wonderful musings of children passing by on the pavement below. Listening to them this week has set me in mind to bundle for you two short stories for and about children.

Children bundle .ePub [download]
Children bundle .MOBI [download]

The first is The Light Princess by scotsman George MacDonald, in which discord between the king and his sister leads her to curse the king’s daughter to have no gravity; in more than one way.
In A Child’s Dream of a Star, a tale by renowned writer Charles Dickens well known for writing stories involving children, a brother and sister share musings on life and death while star-gazing.

Hope you enjoy!

These stories were sourced from Project Gutenberg, the volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works:
The Light Princess by George MacDonald
A Child’s Dream of a Star by Charles Dickens

What was the funniest thing you ever heard a child say? Let us know in the comments below!

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