Happy New Dystopia!

We’re not in the habit of distributing a bundle with multiple stories by the same author. This because we think it’s just so much more fun to create bundles by searching for disparate stories that go so well together. But sometimes an author submits pieces to us that are simply so perfect together that we cannot help ourselves and we just need to share them with you. This week is such a week.

The winter season has thoroughly started now and most days it gets me in the mood for some great dystopian fiction. If you feel the same then look no further! In this bundle we have two great stories by writer George Gad Economou, who’ve we’ve hosted on this blog before. Economou, born in Athens, Greece in 1990, has an MA in Philosophy of Science. He does not remember a time in his life where he did not write, and is currently unemployed in Athens. His first novel, The Elixir of Youth, was published in Greece in 2010, and his English short stories have appeared in horror outlets, such as Black Petals, Blood Moon Rising, and the inaugural issue of The Chamber Magazine.

The first story in this bundle is Mediocrity. It is set in the future where, through means of eugenics, humans have become perfectly equal and identical. The story’s told by a brilliant young man, who due to vanity, plays an integral part in the destruction of society.

The second piece in this bundle is The Town and the Boy, which is a sci-fi, dystopian story set in a world where reading, intellect, and being in any way different is penalized; a story about certain ideals taken to the extreme, as well as the inability to change the past.

Happy New Dystopia bundle .ePub [download]
Happy New Dystopia bundle .mobi [download]

Hope you enjoy!

Do you know so great dystopian fiction (or non-fiction!) we should read this winter season? Let us know in the comments.

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