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We’re so happy to offer you a new bundle with both contemporary fiction and non-fiction work! This week we have three pieces that all concern critters with a job.

The first piece is To Serve and To Protect by Kristin Beaven. This dystopian story deals with choice and destiny.
Kristin Beaven is a graduate of Arizona State University. Her short story publications include The Fruit of the Spirit published by Keys for Kids Magazine, Ashes published by Canyon Voices Literary Magazine, and The Meeting Place published by Everyday Fiction. She currently lives and writes in Knoxville, Tennessee. Visit her YouTube channel to check out the trailers for her short stories.

The second story is Jupiter Express by Jason D. Grunn. The piece is a space adventure about the forces of nature.
Jason Grunn likes to dive into the worlds of the wonderful and strange. He enjoys his sun and his writing and his life guarding job and his family and his friends. From his multiple experiences and lessons in life, such as attempting the emergency medical field or completing a Sociology degree, Grunn writes his stories with depth and an essence of free-spirited fun. He’s had short stories published with Chronicle Stories, Blank Spaces, Adelaide literary magazine, The Horror Tree – Trembling with fear, and also Prime Press – The Writer’s circle anthology. If you want to know more about him and his insightful weirdness, check out his Facebook page or send him an email.

The last in the bundle is Bred For War: Animals at Arms by Leon Horton, another great non-fiction piece by a writer we’ve happily hosted in the past.
Leon Horton is a cultural journalist, humorist and fearful sybarite, with a baneful eye for anything wholesome. After gaining his masters from the University of Salford, he lost the will to live working as a court reporter (wouldn’t you?), drank himself into a corner writing “upbeat bullshit” for local magazines, and enjoyed a failed stint as the editor of Old Trafford News.
Horton’s writing is published in International Times, Literary Heist, Erotic Review and the Beat Generation websites Empty Mirror and Beatdom. When he’s not barking at the moon or up the wrong tree, you can find him blogging at Under the Counterculture.

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Hope you enjoy!

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