Today we’re excited to share with you two great pieces with subject Legends.

The first story is Tiburcio’s Treasure, a piece of fiction based in fact by G. Lloyd Helm about the famous California bandito Tiburcio Vasquez. This story was previously published in an Antelope Valley anthology called Red Skies like no where else on earth, published in October 2004.
Helm has been writing for 40 years, having published poetry in a wide variety of magazines and newspapers including The New York Poetry Anthology, Stars and Stripes News, The Los Angeles Times, The Antelope Valley Press and The Antelope Valley Anthologies, among others.
Helm has published short stories and memoirs both in the US and in England in various journals, and recently published Even Up, a Civil War ghost story at Ruthless Peoples, and the short story A Lovely Elephant in Delivered Magazine.
Helm has published three novels in the Fantasy and Science-fiction field: OTHER DOORS, from MousePrints Publishing; DESIGN from Publish America; and WORLD WITHOUT END from Rogue Phoenix Press.
Helm has also published a romance novel SOMETIMES IN DREAMS with Siren’s Call Publishing. He has recently released a new literary novel SERPENTS AND DOVES from Rogue Phoenix Press. Rogue Phoenix will release his new novel BORROWING A MOOSE HEAD FROM COLE PORTER in August, 2018. Helm’s books can be found on Amazon.com or on Facebook.

The second is Who Owns the Dropper Owns the Fix: Out to Lunch with William Burroughs, written by Leon Horton with artwork by Stephen James.
“William Seward Burroughs II (1914-1997) – a Harvard man: junkie, queer, outlaw, writer. The Priest, they called him, El Hombre Invisible, Old Bull Lee. His books have been praised as radical satire, pilloried as pornographic, appropriated by lesser gods for their own sybaritic sermons. His ideas, language and imagery have infiltrated popular culture through his influence and collaborations in literature, film, music and art. David Bowie, William Gibson, David Cronenberg, Kathy Acker… so many have paid tribute to the Burroughs method.”
The piece focuses on Horton’s personal introduction to the great man through his most extraordinary work Naked Lunch, gives an overview of his fascinating life and work (replete with quotes from some of his greatest writing), and finishes with his last recorded words.
Horton is a journalist and cultural attaché to the possessed, the dispossessed and the just plain crazy. After gaining his masters from the University of Salford he worked as a court reporter at Manchester Crown Court, cut his teeth on local magazines, enjoyed a caretaker stint as the editor of Old Trafford News then returned to freelance writing. His work is published in International Times, Literary Heist, Nexus New Times, The Animals’ Voice, Empty Mirror and Erotic Review.

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