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We love fiction as much as you do. But honestly non-fiction makes our heart beat faster so we are very excited to share with you today two pieces of non-fiction by David Perlmutter, with the subject of media and television.

The first is Candace Agonistes; a piece about Asperger’s Syndrome and a role model in the media. The second is Needles in Haystacks, on contemporary television animation.

David Perlmutter is a freelance writer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is the author of America Toons In: A History of Television Animation [McFarland and Co.], The Singular Adventures Of Jefferson Ball [Chupa Cabra House], The Pups [], Certain Private Conversations and Other Stories [Aurora Publishing] Orthicon; or, the History of a Bad Idea [Linkville Press; forthcoming], and The Encyclopedia of American Animated Cartoon Series [Rowman and Littlefield; forthcoming].
Perlmutter can be reached on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Tumblr at The Musings of David Perlmutter.

This ebook is hand-curated for you by Jumbelbook in .ePub and .mobi format. Hope you enjoy!

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Have you found role models in television animation or general media? Tell us in the comments!

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