Family History

The past is an opaque chapter of life, especially when there are events that family members would rather forget or make forgotten. The week’s bundle contains two pieces of fiction, with subject family history.

The first piece in this bundle is Cuban Mestiza by Michelle Lizet Flores.
Being a native Floridian and current resident, Flores is happy to have returned to the land where trees don’t sleep. A graduate of FSU and NYU creative writing programs, she currently works as a 5th grade teacher where she fosters the next generation of American writers. She has previously been published in magazines such as Cagibi, Azahares, and The Ear, and has work forthcoming in Gravel Magazine, The Bookends Review, the St. Katherine Review, Clockhouse, and The Paragon Journal. Find out more at

The second story in this edition is Mitzi & Stella by David Friedman
[TEMP] Friedman is a short story author, novelist, award-winning screenwriter and film editor. His short stories and essays have appeared in The Fiction Primer, Diet Soap, and Magnitizdat, a ‘zine he published and edited in Portland, Oregon. My short story Shoes That Hurt was chosen best of issue in The Fiction Primer. My short story Out of My Sight, Out of My Mind appeared in the anthology In the Shadow of the Towers: Speculative Fiction in a Post-9/11 World.
Friedman wrote and appeared in the award-winning short film Covenant and edited the award-winning documentary The Shoe Store: An Actor’s Journey.

This ebook is hand-curated for you by Jumbelbook in .ePub and .mobi format. Hope you enjoy!

Family History bundle .ePub [download]
Family History bundle .mobi [download]

Have you found some interesting events or anecdotes in your family history? Tell us in the comments!

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