After distributing bundle after bundle of wonderful original contemporary fiction these past weeks, we are happy to travel back into the past with some public domain content. And my use of the word travel is deliberate because I’m actually traveling to Barcelona tomorrow for a short trip. For this reason I thought I would collect together a selection of short stories with the shared theme of Spain.

The first story in the bundle is The Flower of Spain by Joseph Hergesheimer, from the The Happy End collection of stories. Hergesheimer was a 20th century American writer whose writing focussed on the decadent lifestyle of the upper classes. Written in a flowery-style, Hergesheimer’s popularity went from peaking in the 1920′s to waning into near obscurity by the end of his life.

The second piece is Castles near Spain by Henry Harland, from the Grey Roses collection of stories. Harland was a 19th century American novelist and editor who started his career writing sensational novels under a pseudonym but reached acclaim 15 years later with several novels written under his own name. Harland died in Italy from tuberculosis, aged 44.

The third story is The adventures of Alphonso and Marina: An Interesting Spanish Tale by Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian. Florian was a 18th century French poet and romance writer. He is known for his fables, while his early works were mostly comedies and is known for writing romances later in life. In 1794 Florian was entangled in the French Revolution and he died in prison of tuberculosis.

The final piece in this bundle is John Bull On The Guadalquivir by Anthony Trollope. Trollope, a prolific writer who was (amongst other accomplishments) most famous for his stories on the subject of travel, was a postal works inspector and novelist, born in 1815. His notable works are set in the imaginary county of Barsetshire, in addition to works set in Ireland during the potato famine during the 1840-1850′s.

This ebook is hand-curated for you by Jumbelbook in .ePub and .mobi format. Hope you enjoy!

Spain bundle .ePUB [download]
Spain bundle .mobi [download]

These stories were sourced from Project Gutenberg, the volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works:
Grey Roses by Henry Harland
The Happy End by Joseph Hergesheimer
The adventures of Alphonso and Marina: An Interesting Spanish Tale by Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian
John Bull on the Guadalquivir by Anthony Trollope

If you have travelled to Spain, where did you go? And if not, where in Spain would you want to visit? Tell us in the comments!

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