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We don’t usually post a bundle with stories exclusively from a single author but we really want to continue our posts with humorous stories throughout February and help you Northern Hemispherites through the dark days before spring. For that reason this week we have a bundle full of humorous stories by W. W. Jacobs.

This bundle contains ten stories, collectively known as Night Watches. William Wymark Jacobs was a turn of the nineteenth century English author of short stories and novels and best known for his horror story The Monkey’s Paw. Jacobs worked as a civil service clerk in the Post Office Savings Bank, leaving the job at age 36 to become a career writer.
Five of the stories in this collection are told by the night-watchman and all apart from one are comic in tone; a style which is described as fun, silly and farcical.

This ebook is hand-curated for you by Jumbelbook in .ePub and .mobi format. Hope you enjoy!

Night Watches .ePub [download]
Night Watches .mobi [download]

These stories were sourced from Project Gutenberg, the volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works:
Night Watches by W. W. Jacobs

Let us know which was your favourite W. W. Jacobs story in this bundle in the comments below!

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