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The last couple of weeks we here at Jumbelbook have been digging into the wealth of literature that is the Gutenberg Project and we found some real gems related to church, pastoral and country life. So we decided to create a series of bundles with these themes that we will be posting for your reading pleasure over the next few weeks.

This week we’ll start with a bundle of stories about pastoral life by Mary Russell Mitford.

Mary Russell Mitford was a 19th century English author from Hampshire. Mitford is best known for Our Villages, a series of short stories about village and hamlet life. She wrote in a range of different disciplines and genres, including poetry and drama. Mitford died in 1851 from complications after a carriage accident.

This ebook is hand-curated for you by Jumbelbook in .ePub and .mobi format. Hope you enjoy!

Pastoral Life bundle .ePub [download]
Pastoral Life bundle .mobi [download]

These stories were sourced from Project Gutenberg, the volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works:
Country Lodgings by Mary Russell Mitford
The Lost Dahlia by Mary Russell Mitford
Town Versus Country by Mary Russell Mitford
The London Visitor by Mary Russell Mitford

Do you have any amusing stories from your pastoral community, or any favourite media about pastoral life? Let us know in the comments!

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