Jumbelbook is developing a new distribution platform for short fiction and non-fiction where patrons can buy one-off stories or bundle multiple pieces together to create their own custom ebook of hand-picked short content. The fully-functional platform is currently under development but ahead of the launch we’re posting hand-curated custom ebooks on the Jumbelbook blog, as patrons would once the platform is launched. Jumbelbook’s currently offers public domain short stories but has happily received submissions of exciting contemporary content as well, which will also be distributed as part of Jumbelbook’s hand-curated ebooks.

Below are some frequently asked questions.

Where does Jumbelbook get their content?
The public domain content distributed through Jumbelbook is sourced from Project Gutenburg, a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works.
Our contemporary stories are submitted for distribution by the copyright holders directly. If you are an author or copyright holder and want your content considered for distribution via Jumbelbook, head over to our Submit page.

Does Jumbelbook pay the authors?
The authors of the public domain stories we bundle at Jumbelbook are deceased and the content no longer has an active copyright. No payment is due for the public domain content.
The copyrighted content Jumbelbook bundles is procured directly from the copyright holders (often the content authors themselves) subject to an agreement that these stories are distributed for free. Once the Jumbelbook platform is operational and launched the copyrighted stories will become for sale at a price set by the copyright holders.